Stairway Into The Stars

By this time I knew change was necessary in my life. Like most people I can’t say I had any real idea how to do any of it which is a frustration in itself.

Thematically I managed to create a mish-mash of ideas that were sort-of sequels to earlier albums like SpaceShip & The Edge of Transmission. Interesting in that eventually I have made official sequels to those records. I guess I really like the ideas.

“Sidewinder In The Sand” was a featured track on the site for the (now defunct) music software, Energy XT, I used at the time. I was happy with the exposure and proud to be a poster child. The other notable  thing about this track is that it used a prototype of an instrument that would become “Cluster” but at the time was called “The Fundamentalist”. I had an email from Derek Riggs, of Iron Maiden artwork fame, asking if I’d develop an instrument for him. I offered this instrument as it seemed to me the name and concept were a perfect match. He didn’t take the offer and moved on. Derek made faceplate artwork for another synth of mine and I didn’t use his art either. Talk about ships in the night and all that.

Flowing Down Dreams is really classic Column 3-57 style composition around a simple motif.

Climb out of yourself and experience... wonder. Let things change.

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