Lights Of Heaven

2010 – album as Benedict Roff-Marsh

I stayed in space for Lights. Most of the album came together slowly in 2009. It was slow because I was back in a day job – and hating it. Sure it was money but the cost of getting it seemed too high. Looking back it was something that I had to do, to learn.

The first track written was Ripples and I thought I’d try Energy XT again -one of those perverse let’s just see things to do. The track came together pretty well. Then I compared the composing experiences and it definitely seemed that Reason had been easier. I took the note data and pulled it into reason and applied some sounds I had already made and with only the slightest adjustments the piece sounded more polished. That sealed Reason as the composing platform for me. Only took the best part of 10 years to get that sorted!

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