Sampler – Plastic Anger

2010 – compilation of Aeroplastic Voice

Aeroplastic Voice was my first musical moniker. I wrote my first songs in mid to late 1989 and they hit the master tape in 1990. I started making music that probably belonged in 1980, graduated to EBM Industrial and then added grittier aspects as Hard Core and Grunge took over the world. For 10 years I would come back to this style.

Albums represented:

  1. Tubeway
  2. Machine Room
  3. The Museum Action
  4. Vector
  5. The Line On
  6. Themes For An Unknown Concept
  7. Symphony From the Sewer

I realized that my music was slipping away and if I didn’t do something soon, I could easily lose my whole back catalog. I considered recording every album to my computer and uploading to Bandcamp but that seemed too much at the time (I may still do it). I chose some key albums and recorded them whole and then took a track or two from everything else to make these collections.

The Sampler name I had used before back in 1997 for a similar compilation. It appealed as a dual meaning; a collection of things that give a sample of a greater whole, and the electronic musical instrument of the same name that records and plays back sections of sound.

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