Sampler – Collonades

2010 – compilation of Column 3-57

Column 3-57 was my reinvention as a Proto-Techno artist. I combined elements of my Aeroplastic Voice and Benedict musics into one style that attempted to find my holy grail. In places I got much closer and there is much that I made that I am still proud of. Eventually I let go of the pseudonym and started releasing under my full given name.

This collection spans almost the whole period except for the first and last albums “1st Campaign” and “Gods” which are available complete. There is 1 track from each album presented. I haven’t always chosen the very best piece from a musical standpoint as sometimes another track best represents the album.

Albums represented:

  1. Machine Age Daydream
  2. Works In Proto-Techno
  3. The Flowers Of Technology
  4. Utopian Societies
  5. MachineFall
  6. SpaceShip
  7. Operating Electronic Machinery
  8. Afternoons In Foreign Climates
  9. Enemy/State
  10. Flights Of Fancy
  11. Methods Of Transport

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