Sampler – Growings

2010 – compilation of Benedict Roff-Marsh

A plant grows or ceases to be plant. An artist grows or ceases to be an artist. Thankfully my music has continued to grow. Using my own full name was something I resisted for many years but I think it has done no harm, maybe even helped as using my real name means I have to be honest.

I have presented 2 tracks from each album in this period. Sadly 3 albums have totally ceased to exist as the CDs have corrupted so badly that all that is left is a “splat, spat” sound that obscures the music. You may notice some artifacts in “Prairie Breeze” as the “Breaks” album was unplayable except for that track. “The Grand Journey Of Marco Polo” is not represented here.

The last piece “Growings” is a new piece I composed especially for this collection.

Albums represented:

  1. The Life Complex
  2. The Edge Of Transmission
  3. Windows Open, Senses Tuned
  4. The Place Less Visited
  5. Orbits Of Attraction
  6. The End Of the Circuit
  7. The New Space Album
  8. Breaks Between Pauses
  9. New Growths
  10. After Hours
  11. Lonely Animals
  12. My Electric Country
  13. Stairway Into The Stars
  14. In Apparently Irreversible Succession

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