Berlin to Dusseldorf

2012 – album by Benedict Roff-Marsh

Berlin and Dusseldorf are two Schools of music that have had a profound effect on almost all of modern music whilst only being known and recognized by a relative few.

I have long been a fan of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. I am happy to show their influence in most of my work. This album is openly acknowledging these two styles as well as adding my own personality to the compositions.

Track tiles reflect the order in which the tracks were written. The initiated will know thay are also reference to a range of electronic instruments from Roland. The only one I ever owned was a TR-606 Drummatix and that was for about a week. It didn’t have MIDI so I took it back, silly me.

The cover shows the two centers and journeys that the styles have made to create new artists and their takes on what they heard. In an unintended but wonderful result, this album ranks pretty well in Google searches for air and rail journeys between these places. Maybe in a parallel universe this album can be the official listening music for trans-German travelers.

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