Measured Spaces

Measured Spaces started life with the working title of SnoGlobes, those perspex domes with a scene in liquid and bits of confetti that make like snow when you shake them up. The idea of these almost cartoon, very tightly contained vignettes appeals to me (even though I don't own one). It fits right in with … Continue reading Measured Spaces

Berlin to Dusseldorf

2012 – album by Benedict Roff-Marsh Berlin and Dusseldorf are two Schools of music that have had a profound effect on almost all of modern music whilst only being known and recognized by a relative few. I have long been a fan of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. I am happy to show their influence in … Continue reading Berlin to Dusseldorf

Gods Of The Desert

1999 - album as Column 3-57 In many ways this should have been a released under my full name but I hadn't quite gotten comfortable with just being me; old habits etc. Either way it was a major threshold/watershed album for me and it got me attention from people who would normally never listen to … Continue reading Gods Of The Desert

Symphony From The Sewer

1999 - album as Aeroplastic Voice no cover ever finalized The symphony idea I started playing with on Methods Of Transport reappeared here in a twisted way. This whole album came about in irony and twisted intentions. I was tracked down by a fan of my Vector album who was running a local radio show … Continue reading Symphony From The Sewer