OSC + Filter ReFill

OSC + Filter ReFill

OSC + Filter
OSC + Filter

OSC + Filter is the result of 25 years of making electronic music. Some of the 2,000+ sounds were featured in my former elektro 3-57 & StellaR collections, many are new to this release. Every sound has been opened, tested, played and tweaked many times to ensure a fully functional instrument in its own right. Many of the sounds in here are from albums stretching from to The Body Pool to Measured Spaces – most of the sounds from 11 albums plus many new instruments, tones and textures. OSC + Filter ReFill includes:

Bass – 191Pads – 408
Bells – 91Pianos – 154
Brass – 107Polyphonic – 233
Choirs – 51Sequences & Arps – 113
Drums – 94 Kong Kits & solo soundsSFX – 191
Leads – 144Effects – 82

The final sound is a Combinator ready to load 4 patches from Subtractor, Thor or any other synth in the collection (or yours) for layering joy. Matter of fact if you counted carefully you would find I can’t count at all – Bonus!

The name of the collection points to the fact that there are no samples used in here at all, just pure synthesis from Oscillators and Filters. All sounds are created from Thor, Subtractor & Maelstrom synths, solo and in Combinators. After doing much research I am comfortable to say that Reason offers three of the most powerful and versatile synths anywhere (hardware or software). Being able to combine them with effects, like a “performance” in a hardware instrument, offers amazing potential. Over 2,000 sounds under 40 MB is perfect for those on the move.

You may wonder if this collection is suited to the style of music that you make? I’ll happily say “yes” as synth sounds are universal, just like a guitar is the same instrument from a Swing Big Band to the Death-iest of Metal bands.  It is all in how you swing it, play it, shred it. That’s your style. Some sounds in here will fit straight into Dub Step, some will fill the spot for your church on Sunday, others will be perfect for the dark scene in a film… All are waiting for you to apply your style so they can help you create your own unique art.


Matter of fact Pacific Deep went straight out and made a song using only OSC + Filter ReFill (except for drums) so take their word for it:

– – –

Mind BLOWN by the quality of this refill!!! I bought this 4 hours ago and I can’t tell you how happy I am! Beautiful! I really can’t think how much would this refill cost if it was a Re Synth!! Cause it’s not just a refill, it’s a NEW Synth! As for the sound design, reverse engineering on the sounds is a valuable synthesis lesson. Congrats Benedict, this made me extremely happy. My hat goes off!
Mouema http://iammanolis.com

OSC + Filter
OSC + Filter

At present ALL ReFills are unavailable until I decide on a new shop for them to live in. If you are desperate and are happy to pay $15ea via PayPal directly then Contact me.

*OSC + Filter ReFill requires Reason 6.5 and above – some patches use Rack Extensions Groovy Melon’s Morphin XF Crossfader & Quadelectrica’s CV Suite Line ProcessorPropellerheads Audiomatic which are FREE and well worth having. Some rely on the unique LFO skills of Propellerheads Pulsar which is not free but well worth owning. A few others use Blamsoft Distributor (generally marked as “8-Voice”), Ochen K Probility CV TriggerUhbik FSonic Charge EchobodeSynapse Antidote & Rob Papen Predator. These final RE are rarely used so you can consider them bonus material, in some cases the patch will still work without the effect.

Bottom line: REs are not necessary.

OSC + Filter Combinator
OSC + Filter Combinator

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