The New Space Album on YouTube

The New Space Album was released almost ten years ago and it seemed fitting to give it a new lease on life at this milestone. Yes I am jumping the gun by at least a few months but it wasn’t actually the anniversary that got this going. I remembered that the files were on the Reason Forum and decided to download them to have a listen as I don’t have this album in digital format. I’m glad I did as shortly after, the Reason Forum went on a shutdown and maybe these files would never have reappeared.

Anyway here is the whole of The New Space Album from YouTube

Running order:
00:00 - Search In Space
05:04 - Wheel Of Stars
08:20 - Before The Light
11:10 - Adrift In The Outer Rim
13:40 - Docking Maneuver
16:14 - Space Exchange
18:34 - Fly By Wire
21:40 - The Space Shuffle
23:10 - Interstellar Telex
26:08 - ETI
30:06 - Galactic March
33:08 - Heavy Boost
34:46 - Mars Lander
37:20 - Intergalactic Empire
40:04 - Infinite Light

For the technically concerned : the album was made entirely in Reason 2.5 (how quaint that version would seem now with only Subtractor and NN-XT instruments). I gave this only a tiny re-mastering with a few DB of boost into a Maximizer and some minor EQ and Stereo Widening. I changed most of the track spacing so most overlap but a few have greater breathing room.

The New Space Album
The New Space Album

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