Creatures of Light & Liquid

The over-arching theme for this record is of water in our lives. I range from the purely physical to the metaphysical. I wanted this album to be a bit more New Age but, as usual, at the same time I was finding myself still very taken with very electro sounds. This means that I have my usual spacey, spotty sound but less beat and more atmosphere than the last few albums.

I decided close to the end that I wanted the mix to be more ‘relaxed’ than the last couple of albums. I had been influenced by the sound of a few albums I had purchased online by Kebu & Firechild which use vintage synths and sounds but compressed them like modern dance music. Punchy but the downside is that it squishes much of the mystery out of the music. I like mystery and felt this album was missing some of what I wrote it with so the mastering got pulled right back so the tracks breathe just as they were written. Funny how much of a difference it makes. Louder sounds better in the sort term but dynamic sounds more alive and engaging.

Bonus – Jetsam E.P.

On the last few albums I have included outtakes and alternate mixes in the main download but the downside of that is that the tracks play after the album and that can really ruin the sense of the album as a whole. Creatures ends with a float-away track and having the outtakes (which clearly aren’t as good as the main tracks) hammer on in is just not right. I know I have often wished a CD didn’t have those horrid tracks tacked on to wreck the album. To fix that, simply grab a Tag Editor and change the Album Tag  for the last 8 tracks (“Water Dancers” to ” The Pool”) to “Jetsam” and you are sorted as the cover is already different.

I didn’t realize that there was a super deep-sea exploration operation starting as I was writing this album so to discover it this morning seems like one of those amazing moments where artists and inventors come up with the same thing at the same time even though on completely opposite sides of the planet with no shared communication system (hard to do now with the internet).

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