“Post-Human” is me wondering what this world would look like if we weren’t here and other animals had the reins of the planet. What would their societies look like?

For the technically minded, the whole album was written in Propellerheads Reason 7.1 using almost 100% synthesis for almost every sound, including drums. A few of my own oscillator samples were used in NN instruments and I think the only instrument samples are the Piano & Strings in “Moths” and the Guitar loops in “Mantis”.

I love pure synthesis. Starting with a raw oscillator sound and shaping it into a sound that may sound slightly like something familiar but is still unique is to me the essence of true electronic music. I know samples and loops are the fashion but that is not the way I want to do things. I want to paint my own imaginings using my own colors. In this project I have also made most of the Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects myself as I find this gives a more unique (and warmer) sound to the mixes.

Instruments used (by developer):

  • Propellerheads Thor, Subtractor, NN-XT, Kong, Parsec, Pulsar, RPG 8 Arpeggiator & Dr Octo Rex
  • Synapse Antidote
  • Wiz Audio Additive Oscillator
  • Ochen K Chip64 Synth & EDS06s Drum Synth
  • Little IO Little LFO
  • Quadelectra Mercury 4 Voice Polyphonic Arpeggiator

Effects used (by developer):

  • Propellerheads The Echo, DDL-1 Digital Delay Line, CF-101 Chorus/Flanger, UN-16 Unison, RV-7 Digital Reverb, ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter, Scream 4, Synchronous & M-Class Limiter, Compressor & EQ
  • Sonic Charge Echobode Frequency Shifter
  • Groovy Melon Morfin XF Crossfader
  • That Music Company T2 Phaser

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