SAMPLE + Filter ReFill

SAMPLE + Filter ReFill

SAMPLE +Filter
SAMPLE +Filter

SAMPLE + Filter* is the result of 25 years of making electronic music. All of the 1,000+ sounds & samples are new to this release. Every sound has been opened, tested, played and tweaked many times to ensure a fully functional instrument in its own right.

This is the companion to the pure synthesis based OSC + Filter ReFill except this time all oscillators are from samples.

SAMPLE + Filter ReFill includes:

Bass – 181Pads – 213
Bells – 36Pianos – 168
Brass – 189Polyphonic – 172
Organs – 40Sequence & Arps – 48
Drums – 38 NN-XT Kits & solo soundsSFX – 59
Leads – 75Effects – 39

171 Samples

I have kept samples very simple for a few reasons. This collection is built on the methods of sample based instruments from the early days of sample based synths so there are very few multi-samples. Matter of fact most samples are a few cycles, have a root on Mid-C and stretch across the whole keyboard. There are a few great advantages to this method: a) patches load fast, b) portamento works, c) sounds get that unique flavor only this method offers, and d) it makes it far easier to swap the samples for a new oscillator. This alone means that if you like the shape of the patch but not the timbre then you can simply open the NN sampler and flip through the samples to get a host of new sounds.

Sampling started with my short-lived Moog Slim Phatty and Novation Bass Station II. Mostly I created custom sounds within the Reason environment. Each sample is a unique sound pre-treated to deliver the best results for the intended purpose.


In this collection I paid a lot of attention to analog-style effects for fattening up sounds. You may wonder why so many Chorus and Ensemble type effects? Well I found every different architecture gave different strengths so I let you have them all.

You may wonder if this collection is suited to the style of music that you make? I’ll happily say “yes” as synth sounds are universal, just like a guitar is the same instrument from a Swing Big Band to the Death-iest of Metal bands.  It is all in how you swing it, play it, shred it. That’s your style. Some sounds in here will fit straight into Dub Step, some will fill the spot for your church on Sunday, others will be perfect for the dark scene in a film… All are waiting for you to apply your style so they can help you create your own unique art.

At present ALL ReFills are unavailable until I decide on a new shop for them to live in. If you are desperate and are happy to pay $15ea via PayPal directly then Contact me.

SAMPLE +Filter
SAMPLE +Filter

*SAMPLE + Filter ReFill requires Reason 6.5 and above – some patches use Rack Extensions. Most patches that use an RE that requires payment will note that in the title. Patches that use Free RE will simply request the unit when loaded. If you don’t have, or want, the RE then please consider that patch Bonus material.

Bottom line: REs are not necessary.

SAMPLE + Filter Combi
SAMPLE + Filter Combi

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