Two-Part Invention No. 1 – Bach

This is the last week of pre-release for “Plugged-In Bach”. This time it is the first of the Two-Part Inventions.

Bach was a teacher as well as a composer. This was common then for musicians, as it has become again. Most Indi musicians make more as teachers than they do as musicians.

I learned harpsichord with these Inventions. What struck me about these pieces was that they didn’t demean to me as a learner like so many other teaching pieces did. The sound that I got from playing one of Bach’s Inventions seemed to rival “proper” pieces. Forget “Swans On The Lake” or “Chopsticks”, Bela Bartok & Bach were much better.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who felt this was because we still use these pieces for happy listening. And happy they are.

Plugged In Bach - Cover

Musically I don’t have a lot to say about this Invention, past wanting to cover one as they connect to my history.

Next week, I will explain how this version came to be and the other version that is on the album too.

If you like this, then I do have to remind you that like Bach, I only get paid for my efforts when you support me directly over at Bandcamp.

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