M-MOSS : Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sounds

Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sounds – or W-MOSS for short – is a collection of 256 hand-tailored synthesizer sounds for Reason 10+

W-MOSS Combinator
Buy W-MOSS : Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sound
W-MOSS : Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sounds

W-MOSS sounds are deliberately relatively non-genre-specific. That is because they are designed for broader use wherever you want to build warmth & depth in your mix through use of layer, or even better harmonies & counter-melodies.

You deliberately won’t be finding scores of scary sounds designed to strip paint from your walls. There are tons of those sorts of sounds out there already. These are the sounds you will use between the character sounds. Or of course, with a great line, these sounds can become a feature on their own as they deliver on their design of being warm and detailed.

As you will see, from the sound count, the preference leans towards Pads and melodic sounds (256 sounds is the equivalent of 2 sound banks for a Roland D-50 or Virus A:

  • Drums: 8
  • Bass: 11
  • Guitars: 4
  • Pianos: 22
  • Brass: 33
  • Strings: 24
  • Synth: 62
  • Pads: 74
  • SFX: 18
  • TOTAL: 256 Sounds
  • Buy for $15

W-MOSS - Open Combinator

There are 38 unique samples included. Noting much dramatic but a few drum sounds I made as well as texture Oscillators. I have also included patches from Earth – The Humanity Problem on Run from the Sun based on my Stratocaster clone samples.

W-MOSS Europa

Included are a fair collection of String, Brass and similar pseudo-orchestral sounds aimed at duplicating some of the feel of using high-quality sample sets. Except these are pure synthesis. Europa, in particular, proves to be wonderful for this sort of sound design work.

You can hear some of these sort of synth sounds in use on my later albums mixed in with sample instruments. I actually prefer the sounds for flexibility. The trick is to play them the way that instrument would sound in an orchestra so instead of playing one big chord, play one note per instrument and build a larger sound exactly the way an orchestra does.

here’s a lovely loooong walkthrough of many of the sounds

BUY W-MOSS : Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sound $15

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