MGTOW and the Barrows of Boredom

It has been over a year since I wrote my MGTOW article. I wrote that for myself. It was really a diary entry, I also wrote it so that maybe it could be of interest, or use for, someone else. It seems it did somehow as all this time later it is actually one of my highest rated posts. Go figure.


I have been trying to clarify what it is that the Universe put me here for, my real role. With this off-topic post still out-“play”ing my regular material, is this a space I have something that needs to be heard? Who knows but let’s see…

I got something in my Facebook feed yesterday that was truly frightening: “How To Destroy A Man Now” by a person who doesn’t have the courage to show who they really are lest they get the hate-mail they rightfully deserve. And I say that as a person truly opposed to hate-mail but this book is vile in all senses as it is hate-mail writ large. Well maybe not large as I think they only managed 74 or so pages.

What is scarier, this person claims a Psych degree. Did they make it up with their fake name? In which case they should be shut down for pretending to be a doctor – a real and valid crime. Or are they really a practicing psychologist as they indicate? In which case they need to be struck off (or whatever you do to dangerous practitioners).

I would understand if this was clearly ironic. But it absolutely doesn’t seem to be. I see no great, “42”, irony in playing it this way, only a very frightening cash-in.

I realize this is a bit old now but looking at feedback, it seems amazing that this sort of thing is not unique. It seems to me that quite a few people, and even what appear to be valid businesses, are merely playing on a “thing” to make a noise to get a bit of recognition and a few coins.

I took a quick scan across the low hanging MGTOW fruit and honestly it seems to have moved from looking at the real psychology of the concerns straight to all-out pedantry & nit picking over absolutely everything.

I also got linked to a news outlet who in 2013 published an article on how men were going extinct based on the Y chromosome not being able to stay healthy (whereas the X chromosomes were so much cooler). Yet there was a 2010 article in a more credible news outlet saying how that argument was now found invalid – with links. I know that is 5 years past, but why was that was 2013 article published – under what sort of credible journalism?

Everyone is dumping on everyone now. Everyone is looking for some sort of leverage to get eyes on. Dumping is the tactic. Fake and facile (illogical & untrue) arguments are the weapon de jour.

For a while there it was MeToo (I refuse to give it a #). Right now they seem to be focused on movies that are being made based around this whole MGTOW, anti-MGTOW battle royale. Those films, my 2-cents: just overall a bit lame. Maybe it is because films are being scripted by committees based on collated statistics. Why don’t we focus on that instead of making it a genderist catfight?

Actresses (at least from what I have noticed) & some businesses seem to be working very hard to push a barrow. It is not nice, it is not useful. It is not making that person or business more attractive to me in any way. If you are an actor, actress or business owner, you have opinions sure, but when you are more passionate about your barrow than the thing your are paid to do then you are off-message. Fans are noticing. Some fans are pushing their barrows about it.

Eyes on are just for Likes & Money. Power. This benefits no one at all.

People who want power are almost always the last people who should have it.

Yet we keep giving it to those people in hope that just a bit rubs off on us. The core idea behind MGTOW, yes. What it is now, no.

If men & women, other splinter groups, or wild-eyed individuals think that spitting bile & pedantry are going ot make a better place for anyone then they are sorely deluded. I’m not saying to hug trees, kiss Koala’s backsides or anything like that but if we simply spend time shooting arrows at each other, will we ever achieve anything useful? If you are remotely unsure over that then do some study on the Vietnam War. This is how it will turn out; how it is already turning out.

So if this article serves any purpose it is that I am saying to MGTOWism, Feminism, MeTooism, White Male Privilegeism… All the barrow-pushers:

GROW THE FUCK UP – do what you want, don’t do what you don’t.

Stop making everyone else to blame. Let everyone else sort the contents of their own barrow while you focus on yours. I think Jesus said something along those lines 2,000+ years ago. Yet you are all still scrapping like children; because scrapping is fun, because you are not yet ready to build anything.


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