Music Tutorials

Tone & Time – the Real Rules of Music

This is the holder for a series of videos on broader thinking and application of the real rules of music.

Tone & Time are the core concepts to be understood in music, no matter the genre, style etc. Everything that you hear is made up of a complex moving melange of tone over time in a 3D space. Sounds absurdly complex and unnecessary in this modern world where it is all about following the “Ten Best Tips for Making Hit Songs” type thinking. But this is the very thinking that went on under all the great artworks of yore; whether Picasso, The Beatles or Prince it is how to use tone over time to express the Message.

Episode 1: The Idea of Music

This is the graphic in all its glory for you to study at leisure. Stare into that black dot and all will be revealed.

Tone with Filters

Here you get to see me mix a pretty full piece using nothing but EQ – that means no faders, no compressors etc. Nothing but Tone adjustments using Reason’s stock SSL EQ section to prove that Tone is everything when it comes to expressing your message in sound.

If you only watch one of the videos, this is the vital one

Mixing wit Tone – Equalizers

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