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Tone & Time – the Real Rules of Music

This is the holder for a series of videos on broader thinking and application of the real rules of music. Tone & Time are the core concepts to be understood in music, no matter the genre, style etc. Everything that you hear is made up of a complex moving melange of tone over time in… Continue reading Tone & Time – the Real Rules of Music

Music Tutorials

Music Theory Simplified (and cheated)

This article is really a holder for a series of videos on simplified musical theory as I compose a piece of music.¬†What I set out to do in this series is to compose a piece of music whilst taking time to explain what I am doing and why. This won't be a set of 5… Continue reading Music Theory Simplified (and cheated)

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Music Tutorials

Anatomy of a Piece – Composing

How does a piece of music get written, mixed and make it to the world? Well there are many ways that people write music but here is how I did it this time. I use Propellerheads Reason so any devices I refer to specifically are from Reason. As much as possible I keep to the… Continue reading Anatomy of a Piece – Composing