D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill - buy at Sellfy
D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate is a ReFill for the Propellerheads Reason platform with an emphasis on features found in the Reason 10 release (Europa, Grain etc).

There are over 340 patches across several categories:

  • Pads: 118
  • Poly: 61
  • Strings: 49
  • Sound Effects: 30
  • Brass: 23
  • Leads: 19
  • Pianos: 16
  • Bass: 14
  • Drums: 14

There are also the 16 Casio CZ inspired sounds I made as a result of looking at Arturia CZ V. N-n n nineteen Sample tones are included too.

Buy Now (at Sellfy): The Patch ReFill is only $15

Here are some videos using plenty of the sounds.

In this main video all sounds are played as delivered in the pack, no eq, compression or other sneaky things you can’t see on the screen recording – although I completely encourage you to use them in your tracks.

Jump List:
00:00 Sound Effects
00:37 Drums & Bass
01:18 Pads
06:40 Polyphonic
09:58 Strings
12:58 Brass
14:11 Pianos
15:48 Leads

The patches as used in order – click to enlarge

Mind Trap – FHTH : EBM/Industrial (Electronic Body Music)

D-tached – Cosmic Address: Synthwave

Point of No Return – Peter Lansford : Retrowave

Midnight Sun Blues – Benedict Roff-Marsh : Space Music

Princess of the Swans – Hannah aged 8 : Cinematic

Princess of the Swans is a little piece that was made from parts played to me by my 8 year old daughter Hannah. She wanted to call it “Swan Unicorn Mermaid Lipstick Princess” but I thought it better to edit it down a bit.

All the sounds in my album Sleep Call : I – IV were also saved in the D-Lineate ReFill.

I would be delighted to hear pieces you make using these sounds. If you make something with only D-Lineate sounds, I might even show it on this page.

People often ask me if the sounds will work for their specific genre. Sure, why not. Nothing in here is meant to be anything but a useful sound. How you use it is up to you.

If the samples come adrift during transit, it is a ReFill “feature”. Navigate to the Samples Folder in the ReFill and let Reason go looking. That should be a once only thing.

Buy Now (at Sellfy): The Patch ReFill is only $15

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