Sleep Call : I – IV

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Track Times:
Pt I : 00:00
Pt II : 16:45
Pt III : 32:30
Pt IV : 48:15

Sleep Call is a double entendre. Broadly it is about wanting sleep to come, trying to make it happen. It is also an action in computer programming where the programmer asks the system to sleep. The two ideas are similar so it seemed apt.

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Fantastic work! Sleep Call I – IV is a very well-made relaxation/sleep album, and the video is great too!

BT Fasmer

Production Notes

In many ways this is the album I have been hoping to have come out over the last few albums; since “Triumph & Tragedy” at least but other things have been more eager. That is not a problem as music comes as it will. To think otherwise invites trouble.

The composition method I used predominantly on this record was free-form. That means that most parts were played in completely off the cuff. No direct planning, editing or other rigid structures. It is deliberately a Stream of Consciousness thing more than the typical approach of an orchestral composer.

It all sounds a bit New Age but don’t worry, I haven’t started eating too much avocado & kale. I did have some Brussels Sprouts though. Normally they are far too expensive for an Indie Muso but they were just below injuriously priced for once. I love Brussels Sprouts. Mmmm. Maybe that’s what let the music flow out.

I decided at the start that there would be four parts and that once the music was made I would turn myself to making an animated video to go with it. The animation went well at first but when I finished I knew I wasn’t happy. I had made the mistake of replying on clever effects too much instead of developing a narrative. You think I’d know better seeing I wrote a whole book about that mistake.

I bit the bullet and went back, stripping the fancy magic plugins and replaced them with simpler parts that better supported the narrative. After all this is about sleep, not DC Comic book heroes. Maybe next time I will be ready for the fancy plugins.

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