Omnixfear ReFill

Who says that Reason can’t be as cool or powerful as an uber-ROMpler synth? Not me. Nor you if you grab my Free Omnixfear ReFill and learn to use the structure it provides with your own samples.

Omnixfear ReFill

Omnixfear is a ReFill for the Reason Studios Reason platform. Some of the content has Reason 11 devices but any version that contains NN-XT will still see you get value from the content.

Omnixfear is based on single-sample patches spread across the keyboard so understand that there will be artifacts like aliasing. This is part of the fun.

There are two main sections within the ReFill. The main sounds that are mostly in NN-XT sampler format and a couple of Combinators with the Omnixfear name. The idea is that you drag & drop several of the loose NN-XT patches into the Combis to build up a layered sound. This is what you hear in the Demo I video. You can of course also use the NN-XT sounds solo.

Omnixfear ReFill Demo I

There is another Folder labeled Second Bank which mostly contains Combinator patches. However, there are also some Combinators in there that are other Structures for layering up NN-XTs or other Reason synths (VSTs too I guess but they may not be as effective).

I will just encourage you to look at the wiring as some Combis use CVs to give global control so if you just drag & drop whole patches from the Browser, you can break that structure, fully or partly.

This Demo II video shows some of the sounds from this second bank.

Omnixfear ReFill Demo II

While this ReFill is totally free, I will ask if you would be kind enough to donate something to me for my trouble in helping making your life easier. The amount is totally up to you.

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