Selig Gain 16:1 SubMixer

This is one of those rather useless projects but it amused me to make it based on a conversation in a forum where someone was wanting something similar. Maybe it will make a bit more sense properly oriented.

  • selig-gain16-1 submixer-flip
  • selig-gain 16-1 submixer

Simply, it is a 16 Channel SubMixer built using the Selig Gain Rack Extension 18 times. 16 channel inputs, one for an overall Trim and the last one for a VCA Fader. Most of the functionality of the Master Gain unit is carried to the front panel of the Combinator. Usage is where it will become a bit of a PITA.


  1. You will need to own the Selig Gain Rack Extension
  2. Flip the Rack and find the audio you want to feed to a Channel input.
  3. Choose the channel input and press the tiny triangle (left) to open the RE to expose the inputs.
  4. Run the audio wires from the source to the Gain channel.
  5. Flip the Rack back to the front.
  6. You can close the Gain or leave it open.
  7. Mix to taste.
  8. Mix Stereo width can be adjusted from normal (127) through collapsed (64) to swapped (0).
  9. If the overall level of the whole SubMixer is getting too hot, adjust the Trim knob in the Combi panel.
  10. Have fun and think kind thoughts about me. Leading to saying nice things about me, leading to hiring me to Mix, Sound Design or anything else I can do for you…

You can Download the file here

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