Night Moon

Night Moon is a collection of four entirely synthesized environments backed by light-Techno (of the early 90s variety). The idea is that the pieces should be played quietly so the environment sounds are dominant over the music itself. You’ll find where you like it.

The pieces were put together very quickly. As such I don’t necessarily consider them great work, but not work I wanted to dump either as I was clearing the decks of 2020. This is why if you enjoy the music, I only ask a minimum of $2 over at Bandcamp for your pleasure in hearing them.

Night Moon full album

For the gear obsessed:

Sound: All the music was made in Reason 11.3 with mostly Europa, Thor & Subtractor synths. The exception is “Stormy Mesa” which uses only iZotope Iris2 which was fun to use but probably only once seeing (at least in Reason) I found it clunky & buggy, despite it being clever & sounding great.

Vision: The animations were made in Blender 2.9. They are simple. I hope more for them to be evocative than any pretense at “reality”. The YouTube video was put together in HitFilm Express 15 with the addition of Atomic Particles.

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