2020 Modulating Delay with Breakout

2020 Modulating Delay
2020 Modulating Delay

It is Christmas 2020 and I have made a special little Delay unit as a gift.


  • Drive into Soft Overdrive
  • 24db High & Low Pass Filters
  • 1,000ms Delay Time with option to limit to Chorus range
  • Delay offset with option for right or left bounce
  • Total Feedback (not just the delay bit but everything)
  • Breakout mode to pass the Wet signal to another device
  • Mixing including Stereo Width for Dry & Wet signals
  • Oversampling
  • Matt Boa optional skin

If you get value from this device, it took me most of a day to make it so while it is free, it would be lovely if you popped over to my Bandcamp and purchased an album to return some value.

Download (includes both versions)

This is a character unit so please don’t expect things to be just like every other delay you own or wish you owned. Because this runs a real feedback path and external routing, there are all kinds of extra latencies. Things can also get pretty loud and distorted. This is to be expected, especially with breakout routing.

This is all part of the fun so just use your senses – and please a Limiter.

the full low lowdown
Matt Boa skin edition

Matt Boa: Talk GUI with Matt at https://www.fiverr.com/mattboa/make-a-skin-for-your-vst

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