Weight of Memories

Weight of Memories refers to the way memories seem to gather and develop a kind of weight. Some memories lift us up, others drag us down.

The album starts with the idea of a Zero Point of initial memories out of which repetition builds those feelings of weight.

Musically I wanted everything to be simple & open. Minimal even. not hard-core minimal but also not layers of sounds for the sake of sounds, instrumentation for the sake of instrumentation. Some may take that as “poorly implemented” (yes someone said that about my work recently – I’d like to see yours one day if you ever have any that is); no it is a deliberate choice to be simple & clean.

If you enjoy my work, please be sure to reward me with a purchase at Bandcamp as this is the only was musicians earn money.

For Synth Spotters, as usual, everything was handled in Reason 11 using mostly Thor, Europa & Subtractor. Of course, there are cameos from my Janus IV Collection. The reverb in particular has become a favorite. A couple of tracks also saw me dip into some of my older ReFills to find sounds that were “ready to go”.

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