FM Fancies – Algoritm ReFill

FM Fancies is a ReFill for the Algoritm FM Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Studios Reason.

As the name indicates (in my own special way) these sounds have an emphasis on being beautiful rather than that hard “paint-stripper” thing.

The ReFill contains 88 sounds for Algoritm. Most of those sounds are in the Pads & Poly categories but there are also the usual suspects of Bass, Brass, Lead, Piano, sFx, & Strings. You can hear all of the sounds in the video below:

FM Fancies
$19 at Reason Studios Shop

FAQ and Tech support

Honestly you probably won’t need any support so long as:

You have a recent version of Reason that is capable of running Algoritm and of course the Algorithm RE Synth itself.

Pop the ReFill with your other ReFills and navigate to the FM Fancies folders. Double Click or Drag & Drop and start playing.

Most sounds are loosely level matched around the standard -12dB method so you should be able to hot swap sound within a mix to see what magic you can find without too much trauma from blown levels.

If you do wish to talk with me, probably best to pop over to oneof the Videos on YouTube and start a new thread (commenting on old threads is rarely reported to me so can be missed entirely). Or talk to me on Messenger.

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