The Eternal Eternity of Mechanism

The Eternal Eternity of Mechanism was very much a case of art imitating life. The story started as a generic man vs machine thing but it morphed into being a lot more personal.

I was thinking about how much music has become trapped within the grid of fear, as expressed through an obsession with making the approved forms, tied to the approved timings, tunings, sounds, effects, mixes etc. Here I was trying to make something different. Something that fused both elements of EBM/Industrial which I used to make (but like everything became distressingly rule-bound) and my usual Benedict thing. People will accept what I have done or not. I can only be honest by doing what I feel the music wants – even if I know it is breaking all the rules that people seem obsessed with.

If you like this music, please be sure to purchase it for $5 from Bandcamp as this is the only way I get reward for the work done 🙂

  1. Intro – shows both my usual melodic feel against a mechanical sound.
  2. The Grid – is the central expression of the mechanized world – like The Matrix.
  3. L’Homme et le Contrôle – the struggle of man versus the control.
  4. For Whom the Glory Trolls – a black play on words, the idea of doing something special leads us to distress.
  5. Loving the Machines – is where this started. Do we really love them or just pretend we do so we don’t have to fight it?
  6. Trying To Start Something – wanting to get something different happening but the grid doesn’t like anything not aligned with it.
  7. The Aged Do Not Weary – based on a sample set from a 150-year-old piano. Humans fade, the machines do not.
  8. The Eternal Eternity of Mechanism – the essence of mechanism is that time means nothing to it, the mechanism simply grinds on.
  9. The Tug & The Pull – do we be human or do we go where it is easy?
  10. True Beauty Goes On – in hope that ultimately humanity will be seen to be more important and valuable than pleasing the Grid.
  11. When Life Was Lived – a return to my more melodic feel with the machine feeling lesser as a closer.

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