Heart at Sea

Heart at Sea is New Age Sleep Music. Therefore please play it softly and don’t go expecting drums, rousing choruses, or MIDI orchestras hammering away. The progression of tracks is deliberately set to help allow for a more restful state. Perhaps don’t operate machinery – I only say that to cover myself as in no way do I think this will create sleep, maybe just help you be open to being more relaxed.

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In many ways, this is the album I have been trying to make for the last five outings. For one reason or another, it wasn’t ready. This time it was and it came out really quickly & easily. For the technically curious all sounds were made using the same instrument “Algoritm” which is an FM synth that is super easy to build sounds with. Being FM (like a DX-7) the sound is wonderfully glassy & digital.

  1. The Working Man (Steel Town) – may seem like an odd title and maybe a bit of a less than the “perfect” New Age track. The idea is to start somewhere near where we are right now as busy working people getting by.
  2. Wind Down – was the first track written and defined the album. The form is deliberately somewhat algorithmic (read up on Brian Eno’s Ambient series) so expect repetition and subtle variation. The idea is to ask us to let go of the day.
  3. Go Liquid – carries on from Wind Down in asking us to let go of the structured mind we have when awake (and stressed).
  4. Solid Centre – is the closest to a conventional track here and a reminder that letting go of the ego associations does not mean that we cease to exist as who we are.
  5. Heart at Sea – is a bit of a double entendre. The tack is deliberately very minimal and starts at the 35 minute mark which is hopefully somewhere around (or after) where we have been ready to let go and sleep.

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