Songwriting Basics in Very Practical Terms

Songwriting Basics

Article + Video combos I made for Higher Hz covering the basics of Songwriting, Composing, and Mixing. There are a lot of other videos on the Higher Hz YouTube as well, mostly product reviews, with a lot of training embedded.


Basics of Harmony – music theory

Article: What are chord progressions? Music theory simplified (

Arranging a Song – helping the story to shine

Article: Song structure: Verse, chorus, and other parts – Higher Hz

Putting it all together – music bed to release


The Scene or Reverb Space – set the scene

Article: What is reverb in music? – Higher Hz

Levels In Music – understanding the numbers

Article: The definitive guide to levels in mixing and mastering (

Mixing Vocals – making it beautiful

Article: n/a

Mastering – How It Works & Why We Do It

Article: n/a

Releasing a Song – How to Build Fans

Article: n/a

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