Who Do I Serve?

Most people offering services try to be everything to everybody all the time. I do not. I know that there are people who I can serve really well. I also know there are people with whom I am not a good fit. If it impresses/offends you that I used the word “whom” that is probably a sign.

Good Fish

  • Here to tell their Story – in music
  • Communicates openly & shares
  • Ask questions, listen & take in information
  • Realize that value is a two-way event
  • Passion for their Art
  • Works hard
  • Prepared to invest in themselves & others
  • Develops their abilities
  • Honors the skills of others
  • Open to other ways
  • Knows the Song is more important than anything else
  • Looks to solve problems/change

Poor Fish

  • Here to stoke their Ego
  • Won’t talk, hides information
  • Make demands, never listens/reads
  • Thinks they are owed amazing for nothing
  • A formula process
  • Expects accolade from simply being there
  • Unwilling to invest in anyone
  • Waiting for Tipz n Trix
  • Has to always be the hero
  • There is one “right” way
  • Thinks it’s just finding the right sounds, mixing, mastering…
  • Uses anger to avoid solutions/change

These lists show some of the characteristics of people I have done well with, and not so well with. Of course, some people will tell me I should only post the happy column, which is perhaps good for them. I post both sides to be fair to all. None of this should be taken literally, I have little to no care about genre, race, religion, etc so nothing here is anything to do with that (hence making it a fish thing). It is all about if you are the kind of person I will be able to serve well.

If you look at my pricing and think it uncool that I am not $1ph then we are not in the same place. If you accept that any similar professional (like a quality trained Piano Teacher) charges the same then while I get you may be concerned over budget vs return, we can probably find a workable solution.

If you look at the Contact Form and feel that you don’t want to tell me anything about yourself, especially if you assume that if I am “good” (like you) I should already know, that is a sign that we are probably not operating on the same plane. If you look at the form and understand that I am looking to understand you and your project and want that in this relationship, then reach out. You don’t have to use that form, but whichever method you choose, I still need that info, or I can’t help you.

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