Effective Music – make music-making effective

This article is a holder for a series of videos focused on the composing part of the music-making process.

If the music itself is flawed, it will not matter how amazing the mix is, the track will feel unfulfilling. If however, the music itself functions well, everything else gets easier.

Following this process (which is absolutely not a prescription formula) will ensure that you never need to feel stuck in 8-bar loop hell or writer’s block. You can always move and deliver workable music in every session.

My advice is to watch all of the videos in order. While it is tempting to skip, seeing each video is (at least) 1 hour, and perhaps you think you know some of it already, this is a holistic approach that will not really flow if you skip bits.

If you get value from these programs, please be sure to return that value by hiring me, or at least buying me a Ko-fi, as a vast amount of time, energy, and even cost has gone into being able to do this for you (my theory teacher charged $60ph).

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00: Course Intro

01 The Octave

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02: Chords

03: Melody

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04: Variation

05: Arranging

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06: Rhythm & Drums

07: Genre

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“The Funky Song” 😉

This was the piece used in a few of the episodes. I completed it and bundled it up here to be heard as a full piece. Some have decided not to see this for what it was, which is a) an exercise b) tongue-in-cheek. Below is a new piece written for something else which took only 2-hours because of using the Effective Music process. You can see the notes and with care, follow along.

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