Space Case – Album + VST Collection

"Space Case" is the name both of the album and a collection of Instruments & Effects in the VST format designed to behave as the core components in a Space music studio. More on that bit later, music first. The "Case" tracks were all composed 100% with the instruments & effects units of the Space Case … Continue reading Space Case – Album + VST Collection

Route 750 ReFill for Reason

Route 750 describes a blending of the number of patches in the ReFill and a local Bus Route. The number & Google being the only connection as this ReFill has nothing do with busses & trains. A year's worth of Patch making (independent of albums made). This started as a back to basics Sample & Synthesize … Continue reading Route 750 ReFill for Reason

500+ Reasons ReFill

500+ Reasons ReFill 500+ Reasons ReFill is a collection of the Reason patches that I have made over the last two years. As the name suggests, the ReFill contains 500+ patches for the Propellerheads Reason environment. ReFill Count Bass : 48 Bell : 34 Brass : 46 Drums : 14 Lead : 20 Organ : … Continue reading 500+ Reasons ReFill

SAMPLE + Filter ReFill

SAMPLE + Filter ReFill SAMPLE +Filter SAMPLE + Filter* is the result of 25 years of making electronic music. All of the 1,000+ sounds & samples are new to this release. Every sound has been opened, tested, played and tweaked many times to ensure a fully functional instrument in its own right. This is the companion to the pure synthesis based … Continue reading SAMPLE + Filter ReFill

Super Mono-Synth ReFill

Super Mono-Synth ReFill requires Reason 6.5 and above along with Propellerheads Pulsar RE & Quadelectrica's CV Suite Line Processor RE. Welcome to the Super Mono-Synth ReFill. This ReFill is really more an instrument than a sound collection. There are a few sounds to get you going but after that it is up to you. If you haven't already, please read … Continue reading Super Mono-Synth ReFill