- "Bought it! This is really good. Perfect relax & reflect music. Thanks, Benedict" Torusflow The Stepper Story Evolution This story sort-of evolved backwards. I started with the outcome and then filled in the way there. Here's how it all came to be: The Star-Stepper always looked like Rod Stewart on the cover of "Atlantic … Continue reading Star-Stepper


  This album is something slightly different from me. In many ways it is actually an EP as most of the tracks are played twice. As the album title suggests the pieces are presented in different versions. Largely the notes are the same but sounds and the way they are handled is different. Drum lines … Continue reading Versions

Double Space

 I got straight back into composing after A Century's Quarter. I was in two minds about which way to go.Part of me wanted to do something that was even more conventional, melodic pop even, but the other part thought it time for another spaced out trip. I couldn't make up my mind and so I quickly had … Continue reading Double Space