1991 – album as Aeroplastic Voice


The title came from my readings on germ warfare during The Museum Action project. A vector is the method by which a germ is passed to a victim. I took the concept of a vector to be a carrier of ideas and even culture and merged it with my concerns over organized religion.

My sound on this album got much tougher and darker, more experimental in song structure. This album got me interest from several record companies. One of whom wanted to team me with Dave McCormack from Custard who I knew at Uni (not that I think he knew I existed). Another company had one partner who was keen to take me on but the other partner killed the idea with a “no RAP crap” kibosh (and this ain’t RAP, but he meant Rave which this ain’t either).

The cover was made by a friend called Fake who is/was a real character. At the time he had purple hair and was huge Henry Rollins fan.

I remember sitting on the edge of a bed being interviewed by a girl for a street zine with the cassette playing. Her boyfriend came in and said “how interesting”. We then discussed Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. Many years later that copy of Vector led to me being unearthed by a local musician who had a radio show that played experimental and noise music. He considered this cassette a seminal influence.

Tag: When God no longer seems like such a sure thing.

Death In You is a dark collage of sounds around vocal samples that is almost a song but will never make it to Top Of The Pops anywhere outside of Hell. The pipe sounds were samples I made in the elevator shaft of the building I lived in. I’m sure everyone enjoyed that morning!

Vector is a truly nasty sounding track as a result of my scary guitar playing and the ghastly ad-lib rant on top. The piece was essentially made in four live takes; 1) guitar, 2) vocal, 3) drums, 4) synth.

Songs on Plastic Anger Aeroplastic Voice Sampler


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