The Line On

1992 – album as Aeroplastic Voice

The Line On
The Line On

This was a hard album for me to write. I had so many ideas but didn’t really have the skills to get them out the way I wanted. Also the musical landscape had changed so much around me. Suddenly RAP, Rave and Grunge owned the airwaves and so much of what I had loved in pop music was no longer acceptable. I wanted to play with some of these elements but still keep to my sense of music. I don’t think it was ever really possible.

Some of the songs borrow from Metal, some from RAP and of course my beloved EBM and Synth Pop.

The album title comes from the idea that I was trying to extend or build on the (seeming) success I had achieved with Vector.   So I took another meaning for the word vector and extended the line onward.

Tag: None of the instruments on this on this album are “real”. Even the voice is mistreated. Humanity is not one of my strong points… so don’t push me. This album contains some unpleasant concepts, but so does life. Which should you try and change?

Scrape is a wonderfully nasty song with a flow of ridiculously crass couplets.

Anthem is a turgid song as it is the point where I knew that I was no longer relevant musically in the face of Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit” (as if I ever had been) and it was time to sign off. This song is one of the few examples of my singing voice without effects obscuring it. Of course mostly I am pitching myself from a tenor to a baritone like any good 80’s singer.

Songs on Plastic Anger Aeroplastic Voice Sampler


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