1993 – EP as Destructor Creator Destructor

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After The Line On album and the advent of a new form of Industrial, spearheaded by Ministry and Nine Inch Nails I didn’t really have the heart to go on as Aeroplastic Voice.

Hard Core was a style of music that I felt some affinity with and I wanted to explore that as PloughMaster (a really naff name). What happened instead was that I rediscovered Metal bands like Judas Priest (Ram it Down) and Metallica (One) and this lead me to the new Death and Doom styles (Candlemass, King Diamond, Cathedral). The sense of atmosphere and emotion appealed to me so I set out to make my version of the style. The appearance of Fear Factory let me believe I was on the right track.

I used no live guitars but some samples and my usual synth sounds. I put this EP together as a proof of concept and then wanted to find a real band to play the songs. Of course that didn’t happen but I did find the Metal community to be wonderfully open minded and supportive. One copy was given to the bass player from Bolt Thrower whilst they were touring, one was sent to an unsigned band in San Francisco and one almost got a distribution deal in France. Also the Hell Metal Show on Triple Z jumped at the chance to do an interview. This was after I had beat my head against the wall trying getting exposure as Aeroplastic Voice. I guess the Metal community at that time were very into anything that was new.

I drew pictures and made a little booklet with lyrics that went in a plastic baggie with the cassette. When I saw the scene in Rock Star (Mark Wahlberg) where Chris turns up to a session with his songs, with artwork and everything, I just felt the twinge. I had done that!

If you look at the hands you will see they are on backwards and forming the Catholic sign for The Benediction which shares the same Latin root bene dictus as my name – blessed by God. I couldn’t resist.

While I have never developed this any further I do still have a soft spot for Metal.

Tag: Evoke only what you will if the intent is to bring no harm to any

UPDATE: I did revisit this style in 2018 with “Run from the Sun

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