Inland Sea

1992 – album as Benedict

Inland Sea
Inland Sea

My Father actually asked me if I could write a relaxation or New Age album. I wan’t sure I could as my tastes generally ran much darker at the time.

Al I knew about New Age music was that I didn’t really like it and the sound was generally rather airy (or airy fairy). Being typically me I simply barreled into it with some floaty, stringy & pingy sounds, plus I made a vocal sample that went relax your mind and let your body drift, and set to.

My very first attempt resulted in the 20 minute title track. I loved working on the album as it let me paint in sound without the limits of a pop song or a defined genre. In many ways this move was the beginning of the end for Aeroplastic Voice as I found it hard to maintain the musical rage when this style gave me such pleasure and scope.

I don’t think my Father ever used the album but I did get airplay on Ultima Thule and considered for release in Europe. George still plays Under Water about once a year in his retrospective of Australian ambient electronic music.

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Under Water is the track that gets airplay and it is rather good, if I do say so myself.

Piece on Ages New Benedict Sampler

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