Otherworld Sky

1993 – album as Benedict

Otherworld Sky
Otherworld Sky

Composing Inland Sea stuck with me. I wanted to better the last album with more of everything. In some ways I think I succeeded but in others I must have failed because I only sold one copy and I’m not sure they liked it.

This is the original cover and it is ghastly. I made one or two others in later years and they were all horrid too. Maybe one day I will present the whole album again and the right cover will appear. Perhaps if I do that I will put purple people on the cover, call it Avatar and everyone will love it LOL.

Either way I am still happy with this record as it sounds great and laid a lot more of the groundwork for later works like Spaceship, The Body Pool and Mountain & The Lowlands.

Mountains And Gorges is, to me, really the center of this album. It has the melody, sense of wonder and of course the radio chatter that is the hallmark of this work.

Dark World starts with the choir sample that is also used in many of the other pieces. After that it takes a slightly spooky tone; as I’m sure visitors to an alien world would feel at night when there could be wolves in the shadows.

Pieces on Ages New Benedict Sampler


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