1st Campaign

1995 – album as Column 3-57

I moved back to Brisbane and became involved with an electronic musical collective who were very dance oriented. I was offered the opportunity to present my music in a spot at an event so I figured I better give the kiddies something they would understand.

I set to work on some simple pieces, with dance leanings, I could do a bit of widdling over the top of. As is typical for me I couldn’t do it but these pieces came and I liked them. There were elements of classic 70’s Techno and it all came across as very Benedict. Needless to say at the event all the kids left the room to lie on the floor, smoke, drink chai and listen to a DJ next door.

The track Happ-ee was a nod to one of the friendlier people in the collective who wrote Happy Hardcore under the name of Stormboy and had a big yellow acid smiley face on the bottom of his SH-101.

This remains an important album for me and very true to me as an artist. The second half shows my desire to develop more interesting pieces but still keep to the very minimal style.

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