Themes For An Unknown Concept

1995 – album as Aeroplastic Voice

Themes For An Unknown Concept
Themes For An Unknown Concept

New Age music wasn’t working out for me, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because people said that what I did was too dark, like film music or Pink Floyd. They wanted dolphins and pan flutes and I just don’t have that in me. So not sure what to write I made this album in the hot Noosa afternoons between surfing sessions (badly I admit).

I freely admit that this is a strange record with very mixed ideas as the title suggests. In i you can hear seeds of many of the things to come from me as well as a fusion of what I have already done.

Tag: In an insane lust for conquest Mankind has now colonized Cyberspace… but, can you hear yourself scream? Don’t let the terror form.

Last Flight Of The Wasp is a very unusual track by anyone’s definition. It is centered on the vocal sample which is a few lines about a wasp I found dying on the carpet, poisoned by the pesticide designed to keep insects from the house, that I threw into the garden. The whole situation seemed to me to have such pathos and I think I milked every drop of it.

Terrorform is a play on terraforming and the obsession in that year for cyberspace; a thing that didn’t eventuate – yet.

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