Series:1:2 / Choir

1994 – album+ as Benedict


After Vision Of The Mystic I wanted to do more work in the Zen-style of letting things flow fast.

The series pieces are a collection of short sound paintings that only took about a as long as the piece multiplied by the number of instruments. Editing and mixing was kept kept to an absolute minimum so I generally turned out 2-4 tracks a day. I enjoyed the time and process.

The guitar and piano samples were both made by me using instruments to hand. I chose these sounds deliberately as they were more acceptable to the average listener. Besides I actually liked them as I made them myself.

Choir was a second cassette and is a very minimal piece that is simply a set of ascending tones moving up the 12 tone western scale. It is interesting as background for meditation or reading.

No Man just drips Zen in a wonderfully contrived way. It gives the impression that there is a person playing a guitar but in reality it was three instruments/takes 1) a guitar sample, 2) a breathing sample, 3) a bell synth.

Any Song is a wispy and slightly wind-blown piece with a piano sample and it doesn’t end so much as cease to be there.

Pieces on Ages New Benedict Sampler



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