Windows Open, Senses Tuned

I think some moments on this album are great and some just miss. I guess it is always the plight of the artist to never be happy with their work.

Without intending to this album started a trilogy of records that all showed me indulging in a similar mood. I think this suited me as an artist as it showed my core better than some of the other styles I have tried.

Yes the “question mark” is a bit transparent. Intuition is like that. It isn’t really the shape you think it is and the harder you look, the less it seems to be there.

A Moment is exactly that. Sometimes a moment can fill you and be a lifetime in itself.

Afternoon Dreams opens with a huge Rock Organ sound that gives way to a far more delicate piece that floats along with the sleepy, half waking dreams of a Sunday afternoon. It is a long piece, but so are some afternoons.

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