The Place Less Visited

2001 – album as Benedict Roff-Marsh

The Place Less Visited

The Place Less Visited

The place less visited in the title is the imagination. Sure well spend plenty of time there but mostly in the fear and worry part. We would be so much better if we could spend more of our time in the joy, wonder and positive sides of our imaginations.

I still find this album to be richer in texture than many of my albums. I guess some times things come together better than others. I really enjoyed the images I worked with too so that probably helped – fewer robots and more romance and myth.

Tiger Eyes In the Jungle takes its central image straight from Coleridge’s poem. I was never really a fan of poetry (yet I love a good song lyric) but my Mother read us some of the classics as children and a few turned out to stick.

Romance is a style of track I have tried from time to time. I want to portray the pure sense of a true Victorian romance where feeling is everything; brocade and spice, treacle and echoes.

Pieces on Growings Benedict Roff-Marsh Sampler


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