Orbits Of Attraction

2001 – album as Benedict Roff-Marsh

Orbits Of Attraction

Orbits Of Attraction

Continuing in the imagery of mythology and romance, only merged with my love of space (which is a strong part of the romance of Greek mythology). I think this made a good follow up to The Place Less Visited and completes an unintended trilogy started with Windows.

Seasons Of Romance; the title alludes to several things, but broadly to the sense that everything has its comings and goings. This has always bee a favorite of mine as I think it is a uniquely Benedict piece

The Moon And The Water is one of my spotty pieces. i was interested in Impressionistic painting when I was a child and my Mother got me a picture book with Monet and Degas paintings and the style stayed with me to reappear in my own work.

Pieces on Growings Benedict Roff-Marsh Sampler


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