In Apparently Irreversible Succession

Album production slowed right down at this time for several reasons. In my musical life a lot of my attention was going into the SynthStudio Pack range I was developing. I was getting some modest success and notoriety from this so I was happy to spend lots of time on making the instruments and effects.

Glacier Time is a combination of my fascination with ice and the slowness with which time passes when we step outside the human perspective.

Time Weavers was actually written as a demo for my FM Synth “Glaz” and I was so pleased with it it went on the album as is.

From the album title and tag you can see I was still in a strange place with work. Not long after this album was finished I did move jobs. It seemed like a great thing at the time but after a brief honeymoon period I realized I was not where I thought I was going to be. In a short while I was cut loose completely. So much to learn for an idealistic fellow.

Time moves forward but so often we don't.
We know we should but still we don't.

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