The Body Pool

2008 – album as Benedict Roff-Marsh

I wasn’t really working at this time. I felt that whatever I turned my hands to was going nowhere. Even my SynthStudio Packs had really come to their natural conclusion. I wanted to compose but was struggling with the technology again. I remembered the pleasure I had got from composing in Reason and hoped that may help.

Initially I went straight back into not being able to get the sound I wanted. But in a stroke of random dumbness or Zen brilliance I thought; what if I dedicate myself to this sound and make the most of what it is and see where it takes me?

Where it took me was straight into the heart of The Body Pool and the album leaped into being and I loved it then and now. This album was definitely one of my turning point projects and set my course for years to come.

Thematically The Body Pool picked up the Inland Sea idea again and put it in a slightly New Age Pop frame.

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