Kitaro Just like I heard Vangelis on TV, I was introduced to Kitaro through his wonderful theme for the Silk Road series. I looked forward to the show as it took me to another place and time along with this wonderfully evocative music. It was only a few months ago that I actually purchased the … Continue reading Kitaro

The Body Pool

2008 - album as Benedict Roff-Marsh I wasn't really working at this time. I felt that whatever I turned my hands to was going nowhere. Even my SynthStudio Packs had really come to their natural conclusion. I wanted to compose but was struggling with the technology again. I remembered the pleasure I had got from … Continue reading The Body Pool

Time River

1998 - album as Benedict I wanted to make something back in the style of Inland Sea only allow myself to seem a bit more overtly 'commercial' New Age and less 'dark'. I had also met a fellow who sent some of my music to a German Producer he knew who wanted to meet me with … Continue reading Time River