Benedict Roff-Marsh

Other Places / Other Spaces

There is nothing remotely Pop about this record, it is 1 hour 20 mins long to start with, and the four pieces are all 20 mins long. This album is in great part about the artwork so I will pop the YouTube video above the Bandcamp audio. Set to full screen and quality to HD.… Continue reading Other Places / Other Spaces

Driving Music


Kitaro Just like I heard Vangelis on TV, I was introduced to Kitaro through his wonderful theme for the Silk Road series. I looked forward to the show as it took me to another place and time along with this wonderfully evocative music. It was only a few months ago that I actually purchased the… Continue reading Kitaro


Vision Of The Mystic

1994 - EP as Benedict I had become quite taken with Zen and Taoism at this time because of their simple yet accepting view of life. I felt that I wanted to play with some of those ideas in how I made music. Because I had almost always composed rigidly, either with a mouse to… Continue reading Vision Of The Mystic