Fallen Leaves / Retrograde

2010 – double album by Benedict Roff-Marsh

After the colder sound of Sections I wanted to make something warmer and more melodic. I started writing with little sense of direction other than wanting to make a record that flirted with Pop and New Age without giving up my own style. I slowly dawned on me that my theme was about things that orbited something. The two scenes I had in my head were leaves falling in autumn and asteroids. Neither seemed right in themselves. The poetry was wrong.

Whilst standing on the yard at work it came to me to fuse the two and treat asteroids as though they were fallen leaves. In the same thought I saw this single leaf in my mind and knew that it was something that my Mother could do justice to. She has always loved to draw but hated her work. I have always seen the life in her drawings. She delivered a couple of leaves and I immediately picked the first she drew as it had the life I wanted. It was exactly what I had seen that first day.

The album grew and grew in the writing. I didn’t really want to throw away any of the tracks but I knew the album needed to be focused. So in the end I decided to keep writing till I felt done and then split the results into the main album and a second that got called Retrograde.

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