Double Space


I got straight back into composing after A Century’s Quarter. I was in two minds about which way to go.Part of me wanted to do something that was even more conventional, melodic pop even, but the other part thought it time for another spaced out trip. I couldn’t make up my mind and so I quickly had tracks from both directions.

Possible solutions were to make a lot of pieces and condense them into an album of the ‘best’ or to make a double record. I figured maybe I’d do something like Fallen Leaves/Retrograde and put the ‘out takes’ on a second half. What I ended up with is a record that simply shows the two directions. The first half is showing me develop more conventional pieces with clear melodies and simpler progressions and the second has my trademark floaty, dotty, left-turn pieces.

I’m happy with this. Choose the record you like and ignore the other or delight in the (almost) 2 hours of music.

If you want to separate the 2 discs then track 14 “The Heart” is the first track on disc 2.

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