The Edge of Transmission II

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The original “The Edge of Transmission” album was released in the year 2000. All the promises we were given in the 80’s about what the future would be like didn’t pan out. Nineteen years later it seemed time to re-approach this material with a new chapter.

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As usual, I didn’t really plan it, the story found me and had its way. I had a track that Jane said sounded like a lonely space journey. I had already made a sense of connection to the Edge idea. I always liked the idea of Edge being this place right out on the end of our ability to communicate. A place where interesting things could happen, under limited control from the powers that be.

I had started a discussion with an artist about doing some sort of collaboration for an “installation” work. I liked this idea as it seemed to represent where I was at. The collaboration didn’t go ahead but my story did.

After working on the video for “Death of Hyacinthus” for “Triumph & Tragedy“, the animation bug had bitten a bit. I realized I could take the skills I had from making album covers and apply them to making scenes with limited animation. The only concern was people. How to do people? Being ever practical, stick men were the obvious solution. They are simple, hard to mess up and surprisingly effective.

I ended up with a short feature-length movie!

While I know some people will say this movie is wrong and that the quality of the animation isn’t great, it isn’t what movies are about. It is the idea, the story. If you only want to watch $20 Billion SFX blockbusters for the explosions every 23 seconds don’t feel the need to watch this. It isn’t for you.

I borrowed from silent movies. The only voices are used as sound effects. There is no dialog and the story moves at a glacial pace. There are only a few main ideas per scene. But there are also quite a few smaller ideas floating around in there too. Use this movie more like it is music – because that is exactly what it is.

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