Voice Of Space

Voice of Space – album video

That is sooo beautiful.




Voice Of Space was designed to be a collab project from the start with my music and a unique animation by Jane Stockwell who I have already worked with on Daedalus in Danger & Egg Head Ted.

The video is one continuous shot which is unusual. Normally this sort of video would be made of lots of individual shots or even bits & pieces of stock footage put together. I really wanted this video to be one single-shot from start to end, as though we went for a 48 minute walk in our solar system (admittedly far faster than reality).

It created some technical hurdles to overcome as the rendering program Blender assumes most scenes will be more like those in a film or video game – not 48 minutes of a whole solar system! We considered making the world inside a video game platform then recording a walkthrough but staying in Blender was still the most elegant solution we had, even if Jane had to keep nudging things back to get them to behave over so long a path. To get the rendering done in a reasonable time we had to settle or a lower quality output – even with her monster new Alienware machine.

If you are paying attention you will see we added a Sputnik style satellite in the mix. This is in reference to the same used in several album from Cassini on.

While some of my last projects like Palais Matinee & Tarot I: The Fool’s Journey have been all about detail & complexity, I wanted Voice Of Space to be the opposite. Voice is about space, not only in the sense of stars & moons but of space within. The pieces are minimal and most sounds are deliberately very synthesized sounds, deliberately not of this everyday world.

Music is my only income, so if you have gained pleasure from this, please purchase the music album via my Bandcamp for $5.

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